We believe that art plays a fundamental role in any individual’s life. Art has the ability to inspire creativity, build problem-solving skills, connect different people, and change perceptions of the world. For these reasons, arts education is highly valuable to a child’s cognitive and behavioral development. Although many youth and children in our local communities possess both the passion and potential to express their artistic talents, some have limited access to arts education. Therefore, our goal is to increase the access to art as an outlet for growth.


As a non-exclusive activity, art transcends financial boundaries, age limits and skill levels. Recognizing that learning art creates a balanced and healthy environment for young students, YLAE connects people of all ages to foster a supportive community through mentorship and the exchange of ideas. By encouraging youth volunteers to share their artistic skills and enthusiasm for the arts, our youth-run, non-profit organization serves as a liaison between students and professional organizations that provides arts education for underprivileged youth and children.



Mission Statement


YLAE aims to help underprivileged children in local communities gain access to the artistically enriching opportunities that equip them with lifelong skills.


We are a youth-run non-profit organization based in Vancouver, BC.


About Us

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