Grace Dai 
Vice President

Grace is currently a grade 12 student attending York House School. Her love for art began in her childhood, and she hopes to pursue a future in art and design. Grace’s hobbies include drawing both traditionally and digitally, playing video games, and settling down with a good book. Grace is eager to share her passions with the youth in her local community, and she aims to make YLAE a memorable experience for everyone involved.


Gina is a grade 12 student attending York House School. She is an avid music lover and has worked with children, seniors and like-minded youth in the areas of music education, music therapy and art-celebrating projects. Inspired by local art schools that strive to “bring social change through art”, she strongly believes that investing in providing free arts education for children can equip them with artistic skills that will benefit them for their lifetime. With this motivation, Gina founded YLAE hoping to provide more opportunities for underprivileged children in local communities to share the joy of art!

Gina Cai

Board of Directors

Hillary Chen
Director of Media and Design

Hillary Chen is currently in grade 12 at York House School. She is passionate about the arts and has always enjoyed drawing, singing and taking photographs. You can often find her doodling, snapping photos, singing loudly off-key or enjoying a good graphic novel/ cartoon. Hillary loves volunteering and is excited to blend two of her passions together. She aspires to help YLAE grow with effective marketing and an easily accessible website.

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